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According to the IICRC, your heavy traffic areas should be cleaned every 3-6 months, and lightly soiled traffic areas every 12-18 months. Remember, it’s not just the dirt you can see that you want to get rid of, but it’s also all the allergens, dead skin, oils, and unseen crawling things that make your carpet unclean. That’s why we provide a 3-step cleaning process for your carpet.

Hot water extraction is the cleaning method used by D&L Janitorial technicians. 

We can perform fiber testing on your carpet to determine what kind of carpet it is and the best cleaning process to use.

We can also pre-treat your carpets and do spot cleaning.

We also clean furniture using many of the same methods!

If you choose extra protection from dirt and stains, we use Scotchguard by 3M!

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