Sewage Cleanup


Sewage Removal & Cleanup
Backup of sewage into your home or business can be a serious health hazard, not to mention the cause of significant property damage. Because of the serious health dangers associated with human and animal exposure to raw sewage, the removal and cleanup process should begin as soon as possible. 

No matter whether you have a small sewage backup or large problem, it is important to have it assessed by the professionals from D&L Janitorial.

Left unchecked, sewage backup can damage walls, flooring, HVAC systems, ductwork, furniture, and other possessions. Toxins, mold, mildew, and airborne viruses and diseases also pose a real danger. This is why a sewage spill or backup must be cleaned using specialized cleaners, equipment, and protective gear. Only persons trained in the proper techniques and equipped with specialized sewage removal and restoration equipment should attempt to clean a sewage contamination. For sewage backup, homeowners and businesses can turn to D&L Janitorial.

24/7 Coverage
A sewage backup can occur at any time. For that reason D&L Janitorial remains available 24 hours a day. Our sewage cleanup technicians are on-call and can respond to your emergency quickly. They can handle any size sewage contamination homes and commercial properties.

D&L Janitorial knows how crucial immediate cleanup can be to save your valuables and to protect your family’s health. Our technicians use the latest technology to revive carpets, furniture, and walls. We can remove the dirt, mold, mildew, virus and germs using environmentally safe cleaning products that will leave your home refreshed, revived and — most importantly — safe and sanitary. For sewage cleanup, call D&L Janitorial!

Our sewage cleanup services include:

  • Rapid response to your emergency
  • Water extraction with industrial equipment that reduces drying time from weeks to hours
  • Deep carpet cleaning and replacement, floor and wall restoration and repair
  • Disinfecting walls, floors, closets, cabinets
  • Deep cleaning furniture
  • Evaluation of items for repair or replacement